1. Beta readers wanted!

    I’m searching for beta readers for the first draft of my 86,000 word novel. It started as a spin-off story from a series I was planning, but then it got out of control and turned into a novel.

    When an earthquake destroys all civilisation in a colony that was once known as the United Kingdom, Adrian and his husband, Jae-Sun, are forced to hide from a corrupt government that want to recall all offspring produced during genetic experiments. Although he appears to be nothing special, this includes Adrian.

    It’s not long until the pair fall into the hands of slavers. They’re separated, and Adrian realises he’s landed right in the middle of a conflict that’s been going on even since he was born – or created. As his master becomes more affectionate, and the government close in, Adrian has to make the decision whether to fight for his marriage and forever be on the run, or whether to allow Jae-Sun his freedom.

    I’m looking for beta-readers who are open to LGBT, sci-fi, dystopian, and adult themes. The beta doesn’t necessarily have to have a lot of experience in sci-fi or dystopian literature. The main thing I’m looking for is plot consistency, character development, tension, structure etc. I plan to rewrite the whole thing (probably in 3rd person) which is why I want to get to grips with the plot and characters themselves first. I don’t want anyone to waste time telling me about specific lines and paragraphs, although a comment on the overall style would be appreciated.

    If this appeals to you, please email me at chazjosephs@gmail.com and we can discuss terms.

    I have a full chapter-by-chapter synopsis available, also. 

  2. Looking to Beta Read

    I’m looking to beta read. I’ve had experience beta reading and light editing for continuity, story plausibility, grammar and everything else that would make your book a success. I would prefer fiction, either historical or contemporary. You can see my review blog at www.bookishlyattentive.com. Contact me at debraeross1@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. 

  3. I’m a reader. Love fantasy novels. Werewolves are my favorite.


  4. First Time Beta Reader Looking. For Writer

    I have never been a beta reader before…I am just an extremely avid reader! I enjoy all types of genres but mostly I enjoy reading African American romance. I am a 45 year old mother of 2 (16 and 21), married and living in mid America with my family.
    I would very much like to be given a chance at being a Beta reader for you.
    You can reach me at: angelarnold2003@yahoo.com
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Looking for Beta Reader

    I’ve been looking for a beta reader for a while now to edit a fanfic I’ve written up. It’s based off the movie Kick Ass, and the pairing is Dave/Chris. I don’t require that you see the movie beforehand, characterization isn’t really an issue. It is indeed a slash fic. Don’t worry though, it actually does have a plot. Smut isn’t a big part of the story, but it does enter at some point much later, so if you’d prefer to ignore those bits altogether that’s fine with me. I’m not really looking for someone to beta read my smut. (Although I’d say it’s written tastefully.)

    Fanfic Summary: A slight AU where one geeky superhero (Dave) has a run in with a mafia boss’ son (Chris) while on a seemingly uneventful trip to the comic book store. The two boys start out as enemies, but it isn’t long before that they become friends. However, Chris still has some trust issues, and he’s dealing with abuse at home. Dave wants to help, but he only ends up making everything a thousand times worse.

    It’s 40k+ words long, and I’ll be uploading it in chapters of approximately 5-10k words. I’d say it’s a fairly entertaining read. I’m looking for a beta reader who is very skilled with grammar and picking up run on sentences; they’re admittedly a weakness of mine. Maybe some help involving word use, and sentence flow/structure. I’d be really grateful if you helped me out, I’ve spent over a month searching for a beta reader and I’m nearly ready to just give up.

    You can contact me at: chuckylover911@gmail.com 

    or you can shoot me an ask, my tumblr url is; chuckylover911

    I hope to hear from you!

  6. Beta Readin / Critiquing Service

    Hello! I’m a beta reader who has critiqued about two to three friends’ full length novels and has critiqued endless short stories. I’m free for the summer and looking for something to do. I will be happy to help you with your novel!

    When I read your story, I will critique it on the following aspects:

    Plot Development (Climax & Resolution)
    Character Development

    I will do a line edit (which means I’ll critique your story by commenting on “lines” through ‘track changes’) and also at the end of each chapter and at the end of the novel, I will provide an overall summary of my thoughts: what I liked, what I didn’t like, and how you can fix it. I will be brutally honest with my opinions and very thorough but that doesn’t mean you have to follow my every suggestion. It is up to you what you decide to do with my critique.

    I accept manuscripts of the following genres: mystery/thriller, young adult, fantasy, paranormal, adventure, romance, and historical fiction. I do not accept erotica. 

    I’ll critique your novel in three rounds. Each round you’ll receive an email with a general summary of what you can improve upon as well as detailed comments on your actual manuscript.

    The reason why critiquing a novel overall costs more than getting the first 10,000 words critiqued or even the first 100 pages, is because a lot more work is involved in critiquing an entire novel and perfecting it as a whole, requiring about 10-14 hours of critiquing per week

    Here is a breakdown of what happens during those 5-7 weeks:
    1st week: I will read your novel from start to finish just as a reader so I can get an idea of the plot and your writing.

    2nd to 4th week (but can go up to 6th week): I will read each chapter 3 times on 3 separate consecutive days to critique it fully on plot, story flow, characters, grammar/diction, description, and dialogue. Each chapter will take me on average 2-5 days to fully critique, depending on the length. While I critique each chapter, I will be keeping a notebook of your overall plot (climax and resolution) and character development.

    5th (to 7th) week: Using the notes taken during chapter by chapter critiques on plot and character development, I will go back and construct a final 1500-2500 word critique of your novel, its weak points, and how you may improve.

    During this time, as I work on Google Docs, we will be communicating regularly about your novel and you will directly be able to see how I am helping you.

    I’m free for the summer, I need something to do and I also need some money. But I would rather do something I like to earn some money as opposed to doing something I don’t like. Because of this, I charge a very, very small fee ($100 per 100,000 words). I realize not everyone will be willing to do this, so I will critique the first 5,000 words for free, as a sample. You can send it to my email towritewords[AT]gmail.com. Also, you can check out my official page: towritewords.tumblr.com/critique

    Let me know if you’re interested! I always critique the first 5,000 words for free!

  7. Reader

     I am willing to beta read any YA, or Adult romance (of any historical or current background), science fiction, fantasy, supernatural. Just send me an email warning so I can plan my time accordingly and give you proper feed back.

  8. YA suspense short story i need a beta reader

    Hello everyone looking for a beta reader to help me finish a short story i am submitting to a readers magazine. please contact if interested. im looking for someone to work with and build a relationship with for the rest of my writing career. contact me at epolabooks@gmail.com

  9. ladyracheltietjens

    I have no idea if I’d be any good as a betareader, but I’d love the chance to try.

    My personal experiences (and therefore perspective) includes:

    • living as a middle-class white cis female in NZ,
    • esoteric interests across many genres and fandoms,
    • older than many on Tumblr (currently 41),
    • parenting, especially as a solo mother,
    • experience of depression and family alcoholism,
    • and dilettantish interests across all science (I read evolutionary biology for fun, and strongly recommend ‘Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language’).

  10. Some Excellent Reviewing Sites

    As a published writer of articles, and several works in preparation, I’ve had one historical novel achieve the Shortlist of JacanaMedia’s 2013 Annual EU Award. I have, in the course of getting books at least halfway ready for submitting to agents/publishers been through the mill of two excellent reviewing sites, so I’d like to recommend them to any writer out there.

    YouWriteOn.com is mainly a British one so be ready for the English and spelling, plus their acid, no-holds-barred comments,as well as the warmly appreciative ones.  ReviewFuse is mostly Yank and in many ways better, but be ready for the picky and pernickety, and lack of comprehension of irony. Otherwise you will have enormous fun meeting writers from all over the world too, who use these sites… I’ve had super help from China and Oz, to Tennessee and Ireland ….to name a few only.

     I am keen to do actual Beta-reading of MSS plus editing of construction, grammar and plots so do contact me at the above email address if you wish….

    Meanwhile….Write On!

    from Reen